Rod Daily
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Rod Daily have sex with Tyler Torro and Andrew Stark

Rod Daily thought he had committed the perfect crime. Absconding with Andrew Starks bag, Rod suspects which hes produced a nice and clean vacation till Andrew and additionally cop friend Officer Tyler Torro roll up and see him walking the side of the road. Caught red-handed, Rod has reached the mercy of Official Torro, whom is plainly pre-made to manage things within a fairly unorthodox manner. Instead of taking him downtown, Tyler has decided on top of a quick bit of payback- so he shoves Rod into that trunk and transfers him rear end to that private garage. As soon as indeed there, Tyler lays out the rundown for a confused Rod and Andrew. Rod can either take that punishment in this case inside the garage area or perhaps he could take that possibilities downtown. Rod wants the previous, therefore Andrew shoves his dick down Rods throat since Tyler undresses and strokes that dick. Bending Rod over, Andrew very first wets that hole by having a little butt eating, then plunges that dick deep into Rods wishing butt because Tyler chokes Rod with that cock. Sucking Tyler off since Andrew pounds him from behind, Rods own cock is growing stone difficult. Moving down to the floor, Rod drives Tylers evening go with because he sucks on top of Andrew, jacking his cock and additionally spraying a weight inside the process. The entire sight is also much for Tyler to take, and additionally pretty much immediately your man rips off his condom and also explodes also, and that is shortly accompanied by Andrew showering Rod with his very own weight. Imagine it is simply such as they say: A few plenty to the face music some jailhouse time any day.