Rod Daily
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Rod Daily fucked by Tyler Torro and Andrew Stark

Rod Daily believed he had wrapped up the perfect crime. Go away with Andrew Stark’s bag full og money, Rod suspects that he had made a pure escape until Andrew and his cop friend Tyler Torro roll up and saw him walking on the wrong side of the road. Caught red-handed, Rod are at the mercifulness by officer Torro, who’s distinctly ready to address things in a very irregular fashion. Instead of taking him downtown, Tyler has determined upon a bit of pay off- so he squeezes Rod into his trunk and drives him home to his own little service department. Once inside, Torro tells a confused Rod and Andrew the plan. Rod can either accept the punishment here in the garage or he can try his chances downtown. Rod picks out the former, and then Andrew stuffs his dick down Rod’s throat as Tyler gets naked and strokes his hard dick. Flexing Rod ass over, Andrew dives his dick hard into Rod’s tight ass as Tyler chokes Rod with his cock.

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